KttFF is an all-ages solarpunk comedy adventure. It follows Leon Candel after he's brought to the future to find something he lost in the past: the literal and figurative key to the future's fate

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That panel 3 quote is probably one of my all-time favorites that I’ve written so far. Combined with that the visual of that mountain coming down from the sky and partly blocking the sun? *chef’s kiss* Anyway, ignoring what his Unconscious Mind was babbling about, I think Leon’s just gonna have to accept that Subconscious… Continue reading Page 195

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This page features a cameo of Riiser, creator of The Webcomic Relief. (Note: his works are NOT all-ages appropriate.) He reviews webcomics and is, at least at the time of this posting, the only one who has done one of KttFF thus far. Honestly, I was incredibly nervous when I realized I was on the… Continue reading Page 202