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Leon Candel, Trinity Shepard, Luca, Ms Shepard, Simon, and Melody. Most of the main cast so far of the comic.


The self-absorbed protagonist of the comic. Though considering all of the awesome accomplishments he ends up having relating to genetics and philosophy, it’s at least a little understandable why he’s so full of himself. 

Leon finds himself brought to the far future via very weird circumstances, where he must find an extremely valuable thing he lost. Can he do it? Well, he certainly thinks he can.


The excitable head of Foundation A. She knows a lot about genetics and is very, very excited to share that information. Trinity loves to put on a good show, and one of the only ways to get on her bad side is by ruining it. Also please tell her she’s pretty. She appreciates compliments.


An envoy between the two Foundations that brought Leon to the future, Luca largely acts as a peacemaker for the feuding sisters. She’s getting too old for this.

On the rare occasion she’s not keeping Trinity and Ms. Shepard from butting heads, Luca’s a knowledgeable historian who genuinely wants what is best for both Foundations.


The intimidating older twin sister of Trinity (or at least, she wants you to believe she’s intimidating). Ms Shepard runs the Foundation B Historical Society, and really doesn’t have time to mess around.

Despite her hostile aura, she will fight to the death to make the future a better place.


A friend/rival of Leon. The pair frequently try to show one another up, primarily through the avenue of skiing. Or at least they used to, before Leon got kidnapped into the future.

Simon really seems like the type that, maybe, just maybe, knows a bit more than he’s letting on… particularly about Leon’s unique situation…


Leon’s older sister. Left on her own, she’s a pretty shy and introverted young lady, preferring to quietly keep to herself in the garden or online. 

Of course, with a loudmouth brother like Leon, she rarely gets the peace she seeks. Years of dealing with her obnoxious sibling have lead to her developing a heavily sarcastic defense system. Despite how he acts, Melody does care about her brother… though she wouldn’t mind if he were quieter.