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WELCOME BACK! The second chapter of Key to the Future’s Fate takes us to some brand new territory: Velvinn. This area had its name inspired by a planet from Ratchet and Clank, though this one has very little to do with its namesake. Velvinn is a solarpunk city, part of which is a MASSIVE forest…… Continue reading Page 117

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Chapter 2 starts directly after the end of Chapter 1! Luca and Leon are heading through the same room where Trinity intended to tell Leon about Foundation A. Time to go to a boring historical museum to learn more! … Yay? (Also, while it’s intentionally very subtle, I added a paper texture overlay to this… Continue reading Page 118

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In case you missed out or forgot from earlier, those black pillars? They’re keystones. They’re placed around so people without specific implants to interact with holo-tech can use stuff like Orb-Its as well. Trinity and Luca both have these implants, which are really just a thin membrane sheet that can be harmlessly placed on the… Continue reading Page 121

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Fun fact, there’s a cut joke here. Originally, I had planned to have a bit where the Orb-It AI, Orb-S, scans Leon and recognizes that he’s been dead for centuries. The Orb-It would try to contain him, assuming he was a zombie, and would have destroyed him without Luca intervening. While amusing, it wasn’t really… Continue reading Page 122

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Full view: > (Newgrounds) > (deviantART) These pages right here are pretty much the entire reason I had to drop down to a new pages every two weeks. Counting a week I took off, I picked away at this for the better part of a month. Was it worth it? Honestly, it was a struggle… Continue reading Pages 123 & 124

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It’s funny, I spend SOOOO much time on the perspective and setup of the last page, but I almost feel more impressed with this first panel view of Leon looking down. Art, man. I’m thinking that I’m gonna stick with having the dialogue balloons match the base color of characters. At least up until that… Continue reading Page 125

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“Oh cool that soun-WHAT WAS THAT PART ABOUT ZOMBIES” I promise to keep my gushing about the world to a minimum going into chapter 2 and beyond, there are just a handful of minor things I’ve gotta sprinkle in. Is this kind of system actually practical? Heck if I know, that’s up to scientist and… Continue reading Page 126

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Near the upper parts of buildings (like, the REALLY tall ones), people frequently build openings for Orb-Its and smaller ships to fly through. It’s very common for there to be paintings or other scenic things to be hidden within them for those flying by. Also noteworthy that we finally get a good look at here… Continue reading Page 127