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Pages 123 & 124 published on 7 Comments on Pages 123 & 124

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These pages right here are pretty much the entire reason I had to drop down to a new pages every two weeks. Counting a week I took off, I picked away at this for the better part of a month.

Was it worth it? Honestly, it was a struggle to be sure, but it was exciting to push myself and test out a bunch of the things I’ve been studying (like three-point perspective, foreshortening, and color theory). There are still a lot of flaws and things I realized I VERY MUCH need to work on, but thankfully I’m very much of the mentality that that’s something to be excited about rather than dread.

Environmental design is one of the things that I’m very dedicated to working on with Key to the Future’s Fate, and this was the first major chance I put in to show it off besides page 21. I want this future to have an alien, solarpunk aesthetic, to seem odd and yet nice at the same time. There’s always room for plant-life and people. Even if some of it comes off gaudy, I’d rather have that than gray or white spires we’re so used to in lots of sci-fi media. We probably won’t get to see it much, but the painted bits on that lighthouse-y building become especially common in winter; something to spruce up the whites and browns of the colder seasons!

As I said, there’s a lot that I’m going to continue to work on – I’m really hoping to nail down different perspectives in the same shot and even more “natural” environmental/city planning – but this is probably the biggest piece I’ve done all digitally since starting, and I’m proud of the progress I’m making.
Though with that said, I can’t wait to see what a few more years of learning will do for me.

Anyway, enough behind the scenes artist stuff! Welcome to Velvinn, everyone! Just assume that anytime I’m not showing the backgrounds in the next few pages that they’re all this detailed and pretty.


What amazing environment art! I mean, I’ve been seeing it the whole time I’ve been on this site, but wow!

Designing and drawing this setpiece took the better part of a month, if I recall correctly. And this was still when I was relatively new to working digitally! Still incredibly proud of how this turned out, so yeah, it’s not a surprise that I’m eager to share it whenever I can!

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