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Alien Sketches – Tecktrins

Alien Sketches – Tecktrins published on No Comments on Alien Sketches – Tecktrins

[For the hiatus, I’m going to be posting a bunch of the development art I made for the series. It’ll be posted in the order it was made, leading up to the week the comic resumes]

{ORIGINAL COMMENTARY} These cute little fellows haven’t changed too much since I originally depicted them, but they’re always so much fun to draw. And now I’ve officially got a place for them with Key to the Future’s Fate!

Tecktrins are interesting because they are the first artificially-created, sapient, organic species. They reproduce by being inseminated into a pregnant body and basically “tricking” it into believing its about to have twins now (with the Tecktrin of course being the second child). The person they’re born with becomes a partner they bond with for life.

They mature extremely quickly and can offer all kinds of benefits for their partner and family. A babysitter, friend, receptionist; just about anything. Of course, they have lives of their own and mistreating them is as much a crime as mistreating any other sapient species.

It’s no surprise they caught on with how friggin’ cute they are. Look at Luca in the bottom right. She doesn’t need to be carried around, Leon. Gosh dang it. Put her down you dummy.

{NEW COMMENTARY} I decided later on that they can also just be made in a lab and bond with their partner shortly after they’re born as well.

I swear I didn’t realize the similarity to Final Fantasy XII Moogles until after I already decided to include them in my comic. Their design was absolutely an unconscious inspiration, but I’d at least like to think their backstory and roles help to set them apart.

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