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Page 195

Page 195 published on 3 Comments on Page 195

That panel 3 quote is probably one of my all-time favorites that I’ve written so far. Combined with that the visual of that mountain coming down from the sky and partly blocking the sun? *chef’s kiss*

Anyway, ignoring what his Unconscious Mind was babbling about, I think Leon’s just gonna have to accept that Subconscious is right! Which is pretty rough! Figures the only one that’d be able to convince him of that is himself.


This page jumpscared me bc the bottom like, 10th didn’t load, so all I got was “white bubbles…” and then a blank white rectangle partially cutting off the remaining panels. If I didn’t refresh to make sure I would have thought it was intentional lmao

Genuinely one of my favorite experiences to hear someone had while reading through my comic. I have massive respect for creators that mess around with how their site looks to add to the effect with certain pages, and believe me, if I had the technical know-how, I’d be pulling that during key points in the story for sure. Glad you got your own fun little freaky experience, though!

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