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Character Sketches – Trinity

Character Sketches – Trinity published on No Comments on Character Sketches – Trinity

[For the hiatus, I’m going to be posting a bunch of the development art I made for the series. It’ll be posted in the order it was made, leading up to the week the comic resumes]

{Original Commentary} My very first ever sketches of Trinity Shepard, from Key to the Future’s Fate. I was going for someone hecka tall who tends to do alot of expressing with her hands.

(The white blocks are unrelated Friday Fan-Art things. This was back when I used the same pages for that and my KttFF sketches.)

{New Commentary} Wow… so my original concepts for Trinity weren’t… the best. It took another page of sketching later on to get a more solid grasp on her design… and even then, she changed a lot once she got into the comic!

Even as of writing this, she’s still a character whose proportions I struggle with at times, but she still remains one of my absolute favorite characters to draw.

… Man I wish I had keep that DNA segment decal on the back of FA scientist’s lab coats.

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