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Character Sketches – Leon

Character Sketches – Leon published on No Comments on Character Sketches – Leon

[For the hiatus, I’m going to be posting a bunch of the development art I made for the series. It’ll be posted in the order it was made, leading up to the week the comic resumes]

{Old Commentary} You’d think after all these years, I’d know how to draw my main kitty, but he’s still changing so much.

At least by this point, I actually have an idea of what his proportions are. I decided to make a stylistic choice where his eyes will always show up over his hat & hair. I like it. Looks more cartoony that way.

The poncho thing he’s wearing is something that may show up in chapter 2. The main body of it is planned to be orange, with a white stripe, bigger black stripe, and another white stripe. On the one hand, I want him to wear it so he’d feel like he’d fit in better with the Solarpunk setting, but on the other hand, the way he generally contrasts with the colorful world might help him stand out more visually. It’s something I’m gonna have to debate.

Also posing him is so fun. My smug little kitty.

{New Commentary} And he’s changed quite a bit since these sketches! He’s got more of a tummy (along with lots of smaller tweaks), and I’ve gotten better and understanding what he looks like in 3D space.

Leon has been a major character for me for over 10 years now. It still blows my mind. I can’t even imagine what he’ll look like by the time I’m finishing Key to the Future’s Fate!

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