Character Ask #4

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The person making the ask here – I call him Clockie – was the first to point out that if Trinity and Ms Shepard are identical twins, that would imply that they’re both trans. I also personally think that Ms Shepard hasn’t gotten any work done nor feels the inclination to present super feminine. She… Continue reading Character Ask #4

Page 236

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Huh… that’s not what I remember happening… Also, here’s the welcome wagon for some of the new SpiderForest comics; part of the group I got in with! Week of September 25   The Struggles of Youth   Two new webcomics to SpiderForest about being in a new school and learning new things about yourself… with… Continue reading Page 236

Page 237

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OOF, shut down by Ms Shepard. Seems like she’ll be a tougher nut to crack. The new SpiderForest member initiation continues! Here’s the new class of comics for this week! Week of October 2   The Bonds We Share Whether familial, platonic or romantic, these new SpiderForest comics explore bonds that can’t be broken, no… Continue reading Page 237