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Various – More FA individuals and holo-projections

Various – More FA individuals and holo-projections published on No Comments on Various – More FA individuals and holo-projections

[For the hiatus, I’m going to be posting a bunch of the development art I made for the series. It’ll be posted in the order it was made, leading up to the week the comic resumes]

Yet more characters I’m glad I figured out so many details for considering we barely even see the couple and other dude isn’t even in color. AT LEAST DRAWING THEM WAS FUN.

The holo-tech designs are interesting to me though. I’ve decided that it would make sense for there to be multiple different kinds of screens and projection methods since there’s a heavy focus on meaningful choice of products being a thing. Most basic systems are modular enough that the various kinds of holo-tech can be connected to one another without issue.

Still, it’s a requirement that any life-size holograms of things exhibit some features which distinguish it as a hologram, just to keep any funny business to a minimum.

Holo-tech as a concept fascinates me, and I feel like a lot of science fiction doesn’t take advantage of the the possible implications of its existence. Many just relegate it to being a way of summoning holo-screens that people can interact with. But if it’s complex enough to mimic the function of a computer, it should be able to do all sorts of other things! It could be used to create temporary bridges, 3D models, and other useful stuff!

We’ll get to see more of how the future in this comic uses them in the next chapter.

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