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Quick visit to the doctor’s office! Looks like they’re probably okay.

Also, important note: IT’S THE FOURTH ANNIVERSARY OF KEY TO THE FUTURE’S FATE!!! Well, okay technically the actual anniversary was on the 24th, but it’s the week of the anniversary so close enough.

Regardless I’ve been working on this series for four years now, and it’s taught me more about art and writing than any other creation of mine by a wide margin. Here’s hoping you’ll all stick around for many more anniversaries to come!


This development where they seem to have, changed the timeline? Gotten a concussion? Is fascinating, I don’t think I’ve read a time travel thing where the changes in said time stream happen in such a way. And even if I’m misinterpreting what’s going on here, I really liked the dire action sequence at the fair ! Something’s going seriously wrong and it’ll probably take a bit for them to figure it out aha

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