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Environmental Sketches – Spring Fair 3

Environmental Sketches – Spring Fair 3 published on No Comments on Environmental Sketches – Spring Fair 3

[This is being posted as part of the hiatus for KttFF’s second chapter. The comic will resume with CHAPTER 3 on August 24th, 2023]

It doesn’t read very well, in hindsight, but I LOVE the top sketch. It gives a view as Leon and Luca walk along one of the tree platforms and looks over to the Fair at the center. By this point, I was also starting to get into the idea of making the Fair multiple floors… but still struggled with what to make it /look like./ I tried a few different looks, but none of these particular ones would stick.

I also started to play around with color for the Fair here! At this point, I only intended it to have one or two major colors, though of course that would change down the line…

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