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Fan Art – Trinity’s Welcome [by AtomicBritt]

Fan Art – Trinity’s Welcome [by AtomicBritt] published on No Comments on Fan Art – Trinity’s Welcome [by AtomicBritt]

I have to assume that Trinity invites every visitor to Foundation A like this. Even the ones that weren’t brought there through time shenanigans.

Another fan piece done by my wonderful friend, AtomicBritt! She does the comic Cirque Royale about the daily lives of a royal clown family, which I’ve been a fan of for a while now. It’s one of those stories that contains the perfect mix of wholesome and heartbreaking. Give it a read sometime!

I particularly appreciate the details in this one. The way she did my style of separated dialogue bubble tails, Luca’s mildly disgruntled expression, how adorable Trinity is… I’m at a loss for words!

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