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Environmental Sketches – Leon’s Brainspace

Environmental Sketches – Leon’s Brainspace published on No Comments on Environmental Sketches – Leon’s Brainspace

[This is being posted as part of the hiatus for KttFF’s second chapter. The comic will resume with CHAPTER 3 on August 24th, 2023]

The section inside Leon’s head was my favorite part of the chapter – and one of my favorite parts of the /comic/ – hands down. Script-wise, I needed a reason for Leon to start to having second thoughts about his own confidence with regards to being a guide for the future. Originally, the scene would be a lot shorter, and instead just involve Leon getting anxious, but I had a thought that it’d be more interesting to have him arguing with himself; he’s not the type to just give up after like one page.

I dug deeper into that idea, and came up with the concept of Leon arguing with his subconscious. This ended up being WAY more visually interesting, and gave me so much creative freedom with regards to the what I made his brainspace look like.

You would not BELIEVE how proud I was to have come up with the “train of thought” idea. Plus giving myself more excuses to test out some more stuff with the environment and even the STYLE was such a treat.
While I don’t know if I’ll be making a dive like this in Leon’s head again, it’s safe to say it inspired me so much with the future of the comic. Indeed, it’s the reason I’ve established a rule I’ll be trying to follow from now on, that every scene I do should include at least some new element or stylistic quirk to challenge myself with and/or otherwise experiment more with the comic.

I don’t know how I’m gonna go about it, but this section absolutely inspired me to want to explore more “brainspace” stuff like this in the future.

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