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Character Sketches – Older Leon/Poncho Leon

Character Sketches – Older Leon/Poncho Leon published on No Comments on Character Sketches – Older Leon/Poncho Leon

[This is being posted as part of the hiatus for KttFF’s second chapter. The comic will resume with CHAPTER 3 on August 24th, 2023]

These doodles are originally back from 2016, almost a year before I’d officially start KttFF.

You can see I was doing some explorations of an older version of Leon, as well as getting some practice with him wearing his orange poncho. It would take over 200 pages for him to get that poncho – I actually kept this saved until he’d get it – but you can see how much has changed since these initial sketches! Leon’s proportions, as well as the design of the poncho, have shifted in so many subtle, but noticeable ways.

The older version of him here isn’t very well-crafted here, though, IMO. Looks more tired than anything. Still, I thought it’d be a cute design detail if Leon continued to wear the hat even after it became damaged… but did so by using it as a weird arm decoration. Didn’t stick, but it’s always interesting to go back and see what kind of stuff I was thinking of during these early days!

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