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Leon would it kill you to just sit on a chair like a normal-WHAT IS THAT

And here we come to the FINAL week of new SpiderForest member spotlights! If you look closely, one of these might be really familiar…

Week of October 16

Future Worlds

Two comics about steam and solar punk worlds of technological wonder… and the mysteries hovering just under the surface of everything.


Key to the Future's Fate

Key to the Future’s Fate – The brilliant young Leon Candel has been brought to a solarpunk future with the expectation of making the world a paradise. But something’s wrong… are the powers that be hiding something under this fragile utopia?

Steamgear, Inc.

Steamgear, Inc. – Ax always dreamed of working alongside her brother and changing the world by becoming a Steamgear Defender – until she learns of his death. Now, Ax will stand up for what’s right and change the world in a different way, even if she has to break through the world’s greatest fighters to do it!

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As usual, Leon’s got a plan.

… Not great at cool names, though.

The SpiderForest initiation continues! Here are the comics being represented this week!

Week of October 9

Chosen Ones and Dark Destinies

These stories explore people with extraordinary powers… but a dark path to walk.


Aster and the Fire

Aster and the Fire – A failed Chosen One accidentally falls into the life of magic-fueled crime.

In This Darkened Land

In This Darkened Land – Enter the Chosen One and his mortal enemy, bound together by a curse which makes them feel each other’s pain.

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OOF, shut down by Ms Shepard. Seems like she’ll be a tougher nut to crack.

The new SpiderForest member initiation continues! Here’s the new class of comics for this week!

Week of October 2


The Bonds We Share

Whether familial, platonic or romantic, these new SpiderForest comics explore bonds that can’t be broken, no matter the journey.

Patchwork and Lace

Patchwork and Lace – They escaped life alone. Now they’ll fight for life together.

Runaway Drakaina

Runaway Drakaina – Two best friends face a world of magic, freedom, and the troubles of attempting to understand both.

The Quest of Casey Tailor

The Quest of Casey Tailor – For better or worse everything changes and nothing lasts forever. A story of magic, adventure and sibling bonds.

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Huh… that’s not what I remember happening

Also, here’s the welcome wagon for some of the new SpiderForest comics; part of the group I got in with!

Week of September 25


The Struggles of Youth


Two new webcomics to SpiderForest about being in a new school and learning new things about yourself… with a twist.


The Nightmare Witch

The Nightmare Witch – Five children struggle to find a future living day to day with a condition that causes them to create monsters.

True Colors

True Colors – The first day of college is a big step…just don’t let the past trip you up. At least there’s free pizza.